The Artist


Currently aspiring to get an associates degree in graphic design, she started drawing with a digital medium starting in 2016, and recently in 2023 picked up graphic design out of spite for what people see as acceptable graphic design. In 2023 she picked up photography as well (also out of spite.) She plans to continue persuing these arts, though not all of them will escape the designation of hobby.

This artist enjoys music more than anything, and it shows in her art. Whether it be music photography, drawings of various musicians, or graphic design work for a local bands, music is nearly always present.

This artist has done graphic design work for Evolution Pilates, and Rock Band 101. She is very appreciative of said rock band program, as well as The Rich Badowski Blues Band, the band Iron Horse, and her friends, for letting her practice photography on them this past year.

There’s nothing really more to write here though. Until 2023 all the art was for fun, so there aren’t any major accomplishments to be noted. Stay tuned though! Lots more to come.